• Prompt & Generate a “Bile Pen” Graphic Style + Auto-motion AI

    Prompt & Generate a “Bile Pen” Graphic Style + Auto-motion AI

    Guide to using the yellow and black duotone Ink effect in local tool: ComfyUI (with essentially Stable diffusion XL).“ZIGMOON .JSON INK EFFECT + AUTOMOTION“ Today I’m excited to introduce a whole…

  • Synthetic disorder AI

    Synthetic disorder AI

    Delighted to share with you my latest creations that push the boundaries of design and technology. The starting point: The image prompt The adventure begins with a simple image. Using an…

  • Embracing a Creative 2024: New Year Wishes from zigmoon.com

    Embracing a Creative 2024: New Year Wishes from zigmoon.com

    Happy New Year to all the passionate creatives and design enthusiasts out there! As we step into 2024, zigmoon.com extends heartfelt wishes for a year filled with boundless creativity and groundbreaking…

  • Stable Diffusion XL & Pytorch

    Stable Diffusion XL & Pytorch

    OPEN SOURCE + ECOLOGICAL AI + NO INTERNET = Stable Diffusion in local Certainly the craziest thing I’ve tried in 10 years for “image”. Ok Dall-e, ok Runway… ok Midjourney on…

  • maeva-delacroix.com


    Maeva Delacroix is ​​a versatile artist who excels in photography and video. His work is both captivating and moving. Her new website, maeva-delacroix.com, is a showcase of her work. Visitors can…

  • +13 unique covers notion

    +13 unique covers notion

    Our 13 covers are carefully designed to adapt perfectly to the Notion.so interface and to meet all tastes. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist, colorful or nature-inspired cover, we’ve got you…

  • google chrome fish

    google chrome fish

    So good, it is finally possible in a simple way to completely tweak the interface of your Google Chrome browser. Happy to present my Google Chrome fish browser, theme is created…

  • baladesurlaloire.fr


    Création du site baladesurlaloire.fr – Réserver un bateau sur la Loire à Orléans devient simple et accessible. Heureux de vous offrir une expérience utilisateur optimale, avec un design web simple et…

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