adobe Ai tools are come

Pictures compose only with text 🙂 with the new Adobe Photoshop 24.6 (in beta) – iA adobe inside. Can now Prompt by selection. It’s crazy. Have made Wallpapers (composition in 4k) with this new game.

After a few days of use, I really appreciate this new way of composing images. This has more room for reflection than for making. So I find the images more creative, so the tool is so handy. Being able to zone out a part of the image and ask it to add or rework is extremely satisfying.

Adobe’s IA is less clean and precise in rendering than mid-journey, however the way of composing really changes the situation. As a result, I would go more to Adobe and its AI composition method. It’s a little craft but so creative. I validate the strategy of Adobe cepedant the rendering must be improved.

IA AI adobe
Adobe IA testing tool 2023 Prompt
Adobe IA testing tool 2023 Prompt 24.7
Adobe IA testing tool 2023 Prompt  24.7

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