declare IA on code?

I put here a micro re-search/questions (@w3c) for put new HTML tag for declare AI directly in header/(HTML doctype declaration) or to more precisely describe tag of img, media, video. AI as efficient as it is poses the problem of the intellectual property of artists and creators, who gave the Picasso style to this AI for example. Also it would seem important to me that content creators, broadcasters mention whether the content they create / or broadcast is made or not by an AI.

I propose this code in < head > or < img > .

<meta name='withAI' ia='GPT'> or <meta name='byHuman' name='your_name' url='https'>


<meta copyright='withAI' ia='GPT'> <meta copyright='byHuman' name='name' urlverif='https'> 

I propose this code in < img > description.

<img src="zigmoon_with_dolphin.jpg" alt="Cool design style Picasso" width="500" height="600" AI="Dall-e" Prompt="in Style Picasso Me in the sea with dolphin">


<img ai by="dall-e"
     prompt="in Picasso Style Grapefruit slice a top a pile of other slices"> </img>

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