Synthetic disorder AI


Delighted to share with you my latest creations that push the boundaries of design and technology.

The starting point: The image prompt

The adventure begins with a simple image. Using an image prompter powered by advanced AI models locally from my machine with the COMFY UI interface, I explored unique and captivating visual worlds. These models have the ability to generate artistic suggestions, opening the door to endless possibilities.

Exploration of ideas

The diversity of responses generated by AI was key to boosting my creativity. Using different images as a starting point, I discovered visual associations and concepts that I would never have imagined in a traditional way. AI acted as a catalyst, transforming my initial ideas into something truly unique.

The creative process: from image to motion

Once I had captured the essence of my ideas, it was time to bring them to life. Using motion design techniques and specialized AI algorithms, I transformed my static images into moving works. This marriage between human creativity and the predictive capabilities of AI has given rise to dynamic and expressive compositions.

The evolution of the creative process

This creative process allowed a natural evolution of my ideas. Movements and transitions between visual elements were guided by AI, creating surprising and sometimes even moving results. This collaboration between artist and machine has revealed new insights into how technology can enrich artistic expression.

A creative future powered by AI

These experiences convinced me that AI is not just a tool, but a powerful creative partner. As I continue to explore the endless possibilities of this collaboration, I remain fascinated by the transformative potential of AI in the arts.