Stable Diffusion XL & Pytorch

OPEN SOURCE + ECOLOGICAL AI + NO INTERNET = Stable Diffusion in local

Certainly the craziest thing I’ve tried in 10 years for “image”. Ok Dall-e, ok Runway… ok Midjourney on Discord… but the… The local generation of images generated by an Ai installed in my office without the need for internet is even more beautiful. My office can generate in one night on a given theme more than 100 HD imgs (with for example a choice of photographic lens, but also setting the aperture thereof). It’s ultra powerful with the stable XL base and a native Pytorch install that I recommend compared to Anaconda-based installs.

Recommend a native installation:

  • Win11
  • Pytorch
  • 32 gigabytes of ram
  • Nvidia RTX
  • to have local IA and not via the web.