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  • declare IA on code?

    declare IA on code?

    I put here a micro re-search/questions (@w3c) for put new HTML tag for declare AI directly in header/(HTML doctype declaration) or to more precisely describe tag of img, media, video. AI as efficient as it is poses the problem of the intellectual property of artists and creators, who gave the Picasso style to this AI…

  • experimental tag/code

    experimental tag/code

    Research to announce directly in the HTML5 with <meta> or <link rel> the blockchain or address wallet used by the site or your organization. Hey, W3cWhy not announce your blockchain address in your source HTML with your proof of reserve token (or not) ?<link rel=’network:’> Why not promote your meta blockchain in your source HTML…

  • metavers gallery

    metavers gallery

    New immersive gallery test, vr, audio/visio conference available within the metaverse. I brought back for the occasion some old design that I had realized young. You do have MetaMask for access to web3 (Also you don’t have to deposit any money on MetaMask. This is only a web3 connection protocol. You ape your visit to…