Super impressed with the DAB+ technology. It’s really the best I’ve seen in audio, in techno lately, and it’s the door, standard for radio. I found it interesting to talk to you about it. There hadn’t really been any evolution in radio since FM. We feel that it is digital. The radio will load all the stations available in the DAP+ standard around it. In my case, I have around fifty radios compared to a dozen before. There, on a DAP+ radio, I have 50 stations automatically. It’s a good mix between what was on the Internet on big web radio and what was on FM. I admit that it’s a revolution in radio, and I took a big beating.

Definition: DAB+ is the digital version of FM radio. After the digitalization of television (TNT), it is the turn of radio. DAB is the English abbreviation for “Digital Audio Broadcasting”, which means digital broadcasting of radio over the air. The ‘+’ signifies the latest version of DAB technology, used today for digital terrestrial radio broadcasting. In France, DAB+ is also known as digital terrestrial radio (RNT). DAB+ is the digital successor to FM. DAB+ allows you to listen to the radio for free and without a subscription from a mobile operator. You can receive DAB+ over the air without connection: in the car, at home, in the office and anywhere else. Analogue FM transmission is increasingly reaching its capacity limits. The FM band is saturated in several regions of France. There is therefore no longer room for new radio stations and therefore the choice of listeners remains limited. DAB+ occupies a different frequency band from FM. DAB+ radios transmit in the VHF-III band from 174 to 240 MHz. FM radios use the VHF II band from 87.5 to 108 MHz. In DAB+, several radios transmit on a single frequency. These radios are grouped in a multiplex or together. A DAB+ receiver in turn divides the received multiplex signal into individual radios. In this way, there are more radio stations that can broadcast their program. So there are more choices for the listener. For example in Lille, 39 radio stations are available in DAB+, 26 of which do not broadcast their programs in FM. Coverage of areas planned for DAB+ will be achieved gradually. When the transmitters are put into service, not all coverage areas defined by Arcom, corresponding to the chosen population areas, will be covered. Coverage maps indicate final coverage obligation.



Selection of RADIO DAB+

1 Essentiel Boulanger39 euros
2 JBL89 euros
3 August35 euros

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