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  • +13 unique covers notion

    +13 unique covers notion

    Our 13 covers are carefully designed to adapt perfectly to the Notion.so interface and to meet all tastes. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist, colorful or nature-inspired cover, we’ve got you covered. Have worked on a black and white theme that is visible or not depending on your mode in Notion or on your OS:…

  • notion template for estate agency

    notion template for estate agency

    Real estate agencies need a page template to showcase their business professionally. Our notion template for real estate agencies is designed to meet all your presentation needs. What’s included? Our notion model for real estate agencies is also equipped with advanced features such as advanced property search, management of visit requests and management of contacts….

  • notion cv template

    notion cv template

    Looking for a complete and stylish CV template that you can use directly in Notion? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with our free and easy-to-use template that will help you create a professional-looking CV in no time. Give it a try today and take the first step towards landing your dream job!

  • model™ no code librairie

    model™ no code librairie

    NoCode Template Library: model™ for Notion, Apple Pageshttps://modelnocode.gumroad.com La petite histoire de mes templates simplifiés et prêt à l’usage (print ou web) continue, voir avance bien. J’avais mis à l’arrêt complètement depuis 4 ans les ventes de mes modèles de CV (PROCV). Je n’aimais plus vraiment la technologie pour les créer, ni les updater. Je…