Tag: metaverse

  • meta-house 3d

    meta-house 3d

    zigmoon meta-house 3d is now available for your metaverse directly in 3d object.

  • metavers gallery

    metavers gallery

    New immersive gallery test, vr, audio/visio conference available within the metaverse. I brought back for the occasion some old design that I had realized young. You do have MetaMask for access to web3 (Also you don’t have to deposit any money on MetaMask. This is only a web3 connection protocol. You ape your visit to…

  • sandbox & voxedit

    sandbox & voxedit

    Creation of worlds and universes in the sandbox software. Here are some visuals of my builds: checkerboard and some giant backgrounds.

  • “j’ai piscine” fondation Jean Jaurès

    “j’ai piscine” fondation Jean Jaurès

    Très heureux d’avoir répondu présent en interview dans cet ouvrage évoquant mes divers découvertes et travaux dans le metavers. Fondation Jean Jaurès. Itw par Anne-Claire Ruel. Peut-on lire une époque au travers d’un simple objet ou d’un lieu ? Peut-on dire beaucoup de nos futurs en peu de mots ? C’est le pari que fait…

  • zigmoon on sandbox

    zigmoon on sandbox

    I took the time to design a world in sandbox, it’s a wonderful experience that I recommend to all 3d builders. It’s fun, easy to learn and the result is above all expectations. Once you have built your map, by clicking generate a video game, the promise is crazy and it is kept.