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  • Google Lumiere

    Google Lumiere

    Google has just unveiled Lumiere, an impressive artificial intelligence that can generate videos from a still image or natural language text. Lumiere uses a space-time streaming model that synthesizes the entire video at once, processing multiple scales of space and time. The result is realistic, diverse and consistent animation that goes beyond the limitations of…

  • Prompt & Generate a “Bile Pen” Graphic Style + Auto-motion AI

    Prompt & Generate a “Bile Pen” Graphic Style + Auto-motion AI

    Guide to using the yellow and black duotone Ink effect in local tool: ComfyUI (with essentially Stable diffusion XL).“ZIGMOON .JSON INK EFFECT + AUTOMOTION“ Today I’m excited to introduce a whole new way to generate artistic images using ComfyUI. ComfyUI is a node-based GUI designed for Stable Diffusion. You can build an image generation flow…

  • Synthetic disorder AI

    Synthetic disorder AI

    Delighted to share with you my latest creations that push the boundaries of design and technology. The starting point: The image prompt The adventure begins with a simple image. Using an image prompter powered by advanced AI models locally from my machine with the COMFY UI interface, I explored unique and captivating visual worlds. These…

  • Embracing a Creative 2024: New Year Wishes from zigmoon.com

    Embracing a Creative 2024: New Year Wishes from zigmoon.com

    Happy New Year to all the passionate creatives and design enthusiasts out there! As we step into 2024, zigmoon.com extends heartfelt wishes for a year filled with boundless creativity and groundbreaking designs. The past year has been a remarkable journey in the world of graphic design. We’ve witnessed the evolution of trends, the embrace of…

  • Stable Diffusion XL & Pytorch

    Stable Diffusion XL & Pytorch

    OPEN SOURCE + ECOLOGICAL AI + NO INTERNET = Stable Diffusion in local Certainly the craziest thing I’ve tried in 10 years for “image”. Ok Dall-e, ok Runway… ok Midjourney on Discord… but the… The local generation of images generated by an Ai installed in my office without the need for internet is even more…

  • golden Ai session

    golden Ai session

    Just with texte.

  • declare IA on code?

    declare IA on code?

    I put here a micro re-search/questions (@w3c) for put new HTML tag for declare AI directly in header/(HTML doctype declaration) or to more precisely describe tag of img, media, video. AI as efficient as it is poses the problem of the intellectual property of artists and creators, who gave the Picasso style to this AI…