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  • Google Lumiere

    Google Lumiere

    Google has just unveiled Lumiere, an impressive artificial intelligence that can generate videos from a still image or natural language text. Lumiere uses a space-time streaming model that synthesizes the entire video at once, processing multiple scales of space and time. The result is realistic, diverse and consistent animation that goes beyond the limitations of…

  • laudanum 3 new albums

    laudanum 3 new albums

    The years 2023 and 2024 are already shaping up to be exceptional years for fans of electronic music, with the release of not one, but three albums by Matthieu Malon under the group name laudanum. 3 NEW ALBUMS Laudanum, the electro project of Matthieu Malon, has stood out for its creativity and originality, offering an…

  • Prompt & Generate a “Bile Pen” Graphic Style + Auto-motion AI

    Prompt & Generate a “Bile Pen” Graphic Style + Auto-motion AI

    Guide to using the yellow and black duotone Ink effect in local tool: ComfyUI (with essentially Stable diffusion XL).“ZIGMOON .JSON INK EFFECT + AUTOMOTION“ Today I’m excited to introduce a whole new way to generate artistic images using ComfyUI. ComfyUI is a node-based GUI designed for Stable Diffusion. You can build an image generation flow…

  • Synthetic disorder AI

    Synthetic disorder AI

    Delighted to share with you my latest creations that push the boundaries of design and technology. The starting point: The image prompt The adventure begins with a simple image. Using an image prompter powered by advanced AI models locally from my machine with the COMFY UI interface, I explored unique and captivating visual worlds. These…

  • Embracing a Creative 2024: New Year Wishes from

    Embracing a Creative 2024: New Year Wishes from

    Happy New Year to all the passionate creatives and design enthusiasts out there! As we step into 2024, extends heartfelt wishes for a year filled with boundless creativity and groundbreaking designs. The past year has been a remarkable journey in the world of graphic design. We’ve witnessed the evolution of trends, the embrace of…

  • Stable Diffusion XL & Pytorch

    Stable Diffusion XL & Pytorch

    OPEN SOURCE + ECOLOGICAL AI + NO INTERNET = Stable Diffusion in local Certainly the craziest thing I’ve tried in 10 years for “image”. Ok Dall-e, ok Runway… ok Midjourney on Discord… but the… The local generation of images generated by an Ai installed in my office without the need for internet is even more…


    Maeva Delacroix is ​​a versatile artist who excels in photography and video. His work is both captivating and moving. Her new website,, is a showcase of her work. Visitors can discover his most recent projects as well as his archives, which bear witness to his evolution as an artist. The photo gallery is particularly…

  • +13 unique covers notion

    +13 unique covers notion

    Our 13 covers are carefully designed to adapt perfectly to the interface and to meet all tastes. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist, colorful or nature-inspired cover, we’ve got you covered. Have worked on a black and white theme that is visible or not depending on your mode in Notion or on your OS:…

  • google chrome fish

    google chrome fish

    So good, it is finally possible in a simple way to completely tweak the interface of your Google Chrome browser. Happy to present my Google Chrome fish browser, theme is created with Theme Creator. This theme is perfect for lovers of the sea and sea creatures. The blue color is reminiscent of the ocean and…


    Création du site – Réserver un bateau sur la Loire à Orléans devient simple et accessible. Heureux de vous offrir une expérience utilisateur optimale, avec un design web simple et responsive. est conçu pour vous permettre de découvrir les merveilles de la Loire à travers des balades exceptionnelles. Le design du site a…

  • golden Ai session

    golden Ai session

    Just with texte.

  • notion template for lawyer

    notion template for lawyer

    Website Template for Lawyer, Advocate & Law Firm at With the rise of technology, it is more important than ever for lawyers and law firms to have a strong online presence. This not only builds your brand awareness, but also makes it easier for potential customers to find your services. What’s included? Don’t miss…

  • notion template for estate agency

    notion template for estate agency

    Real estate agencies need a page template to showcase their business professionally. Our notion template for real estate agencies is designed to meet all your presentation needs. What’s included? Our notion model for real estate agencies is also equipped with advanced features such as advanced property search, management of visit requests and management of contacts….


    À Orléans dans le Loiret, Démoussage Toiture est l’expert de vos toits. Heureux de vous présenter une nouvelle mise en valeur / identité d’une entreprise d’artisans couvreurs sur Orléans et son agglomération. demoussagetoiture.proFollow : @demoussagetoit / Si vous habitez à Orléans et que vous cherchez une entreprise de réparation et d’entretien de toit (toiture),…

  • adobe Ai tools are come

    adobe Ai tools are come

    Pictures compose only with text 🙂 with the new Adobe Photoshop 24.6 (in beta) – iA adobe inside. Can now Prompt by selection. It’s crazy. Have made Wallpapers (composition in 4k) with this new game. After a few days of use, I really appreciate this new way of composing images. This has more room for…

  • unreal fortnite editor

    unreal fortnite editor

    Unreal fortnite editor testing by zigmoon. Speed / build / library. I’m diving back into Unreal via version 5 and especially thanks to the new Fortnite Pack which allows you to use all the basic design of the game in your creation spaces. It’s completely surreal. The editor is super powerful, it’s really not complex…

  • notion cv template

    notion cv template

    Looking for a complete and stylish CV template that you can use directly in Notion? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with our free and easy-to-use template that will help you create a professional-looking CV in no time. Give it a try today and take the first step towards landing your dream job!

  • meta-house 3d

    meta-house 3d

    zigmoon meta-house 3d is now available for your metaverse directly in 3d object.

  • declare IA on code?

    declare IA on code?

    I put here a micro re-search/questions (@w3c) for put new HTML tag for declare AI directly in header/(HTML doctype declaration) or to more precisely describe tag of img, media, video. AI as efficient as it is poses the problem of the intellectual property of artists and creators, who gave the Picasso style to this AI…

  • experimental tag/code

    experimental tag/code

    Research to announce directly in the HTML5 with <meta> or <link rel> the blockchain or address wallet used by the site or your organization. Hey, W3cWhy not announce your blockchain address in your source HTML with your proof of reserve token (or not) ?<link rel=’network:’> Why not promote your meta blockchain in your source HTML…

  • mathias élagueur

    mathias élagueur

    Identité visuelle & site web : ↗. Mathias réalise vos travaux d’élagage, d’abattage et d’entretien ayant pour zone d’intervention Orléans métropole. Follow : @mathiaselagueur ↗ Vous souhaitez évaluer la résistance de vos arbres ? Vous constatez la présence de parasites ou une maladie ? Vous recherchez une taille intelligente et un élagage sans…

  • graphic design for cosmos

    graphic design for cosmos

    Large format creation HD on the theme : Cosmos Network: Internet of Blockchains. 3d image including neon lights and various reflexes. The bubbles represent the various universes of this blockchain. We are in COSMOS 🙂

  • CabochéR


    Avant de monter à bord, découvrez les valeurs du CabochéR, appréciez la qualité des produits servis, expérimentez les innovations des aménagements, ressentez l’harmonie des couleurs, vivez la volupté d’émotions à venir. Deux êtres que rien ne réunit dès la naissance, dont les parcours scolaires s’opposent, dont les trajectoires professionnelles divergent, et qui finissent pas se rencontrer…

  • metavers gallery

    metavers gallery

    New immersive gallery test, vr, audio/visio conference available within the metaverse. I brought back for the occasion some old design that I had realized young. You do have MetaMask for access to web3 (Also you don’t have to deposit any money on MetaMask. This is only a web3 connection protocol. You ape your visit to…

  • sandbox & voxedit

    sandbox & voxedit

    Creation of worlds and universes in the sandbox software. Here are some visuals of my builds: checkerboard and some giant backgrounds.