laudanum 3 new albums

The years 2023 and 2024 are already shaping up to be exceptional years for fans of electronic music, with the release of not one, but three albums by Matthieu Malon under the group name laudanum.


Laudanum, the electro project of Matthieu Malon, has stood out for its creativity and originality, offering an immersive and captivating musical experience. The three albums, each with its own sonic identity, promise to transport listeners into a unique sonic universe, subtly blending electronic, experimental and atmospheric influences.


The first album, entitled “Synthétisme”, immerses the listener in a futuristic sonic journey, where electronic textures mingle with captivating melodies, creating an atmosphere that is both contemplative and dynamic. The hypnotic rhythms and innovative sounds make this album a true exploration of the endless possibilities of electronic music.


The second opus, called “Nebulae”, offers an even more immersive musical experience, where soundscapes unfold like cosmic nebulae. The bold compositions and complex arrangements demonstrate the artistic talent of Matthieu Malon and his collaborators within the Laudanum group.


Finally, the third album, “Électrochromie”, completes this musical trilogy with compositions that explore the infinite nuances of electronic music. From captivating ambiances to frenetic rhythms, this album offers a rich and varied sound palette that will seduce the most demanding fans of electronic music.

The simultaneous release of these three electro albums under the group name Laudanum marks a major turning point in Matthieu Malon’s musical career, demonstrating his ability to push the limits of artistic creativity. Fans can expect a unique musical experience, while critics are already hailing this trilogy as a major contribution to the evolution of electronic music. These albums offer a bold and innovative exploration of the infinite possibilities of electronic music, thus confirming Matthieu Malon’s status as an essential figure in the French electro music scene.




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