eskazed, rabichow & cooky banger

music by eskazed rabichow & cooky banger.
words by rabichow & cooky banger
video by eric georges almyre suard


Eskazed biography:
For the past ten years, Eskazed has been working the motor of his mk2 turntables and mpc pad. He guides us into an abstract world within an unstable mood. His hip-hop base is tainted by saturated noise infusing overpowering melodies that reflect the dark corners of an urban geography, between oppression and poetry.
Accustom to collaborations with choreographers and directors (Élodie Escarmelle, Arny Berry, Andrea Brusque, les compagnies Louve, Planches contact, Chiens de paille …), Eskazed has unveiled samples of his demons within bands such as: The Lightmotiv, Slims Kill Me, and Strawdogz.

After the release of “Overload”, his first album under the label Bypass in 2009, it was nominated by the Sonic Squirrel the american web review as one of the top 5 albums of the year. In 2012, under the Holistic music label, he released his next album, “Busy days”. Now in 2015, Eskazed releases his new album, “Eros Vs Thanatos”, a soundscape situated at a crossroad between two troublesome worlds, where he allows himself the luxury to create mental imagery that will continue to haunt it’s listener.