nouvelle echosnomie

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Sigfox, Clustree and …CEOs share their views on the New Economy. A campaign by Les Echos, in partnership with Rad:

In a changing world, we believe that our vocation is to help all those who have the will to undertake, all those who have the will to move forward. We want to help all the executives of large companies, small and medium-sized companies or start-ups, to find in the new economy the opportunities to transform their company into an increasingly digital world, to accompany them in their search for a step ahead. That’s why we offer our 9.8 million readers a global offer of information and services, unprecedented and unique.
With News to be informed otherwise and anticipate an environment that moves faster;
With Talks to allow the sharing of experiences between professionals and to organize exchanges with their peers;
With Coaching to access solutions and advice and be accompanied in steering the development of his business. So yes, we think that this changing world is filled with opportunities. Let us give the players in the economy the means to seize them.

Les Echos
La nouvelle Echosnomie.

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